Stefan MÅS Persson

If I was to describe my art, there are some themes that run across much of my artwork. For instance, I have a range of colour in which I prefer to work. I like ultramarine and cadmium orange. They are each other’s opposites, and each other’s complements. The balance between these two distinct colours, by themselves as well as mixed together with an urban palette, form the basis for many of my pieces.

Another theme is the structure of my work. I do my paintings with acrylic on MDF hard board. I like to experiment with textures and so I apply many layers of paint which I scratch and smudge and repaint to get a foundation on which to build my art. My paintings often look three-dimensional as if they are sculptures, yet they are flat. I achieve this effect by working extensively with perspective, sometimes impossible, and shadows, and also by cutting out the painting, as well as cutting away specific areas inside the painting, using a tiny saw blade.Another common theme is the motifs of my art. I create urban landscapes, with structures that stack on top of each other. Buildings that rests firmly or are near a collapse. Even though I often start with detailed sketches before starting to paint, the paintings grow and change as I paint them. I like to experiment with forms and shapes to surprise myself with ideas during the process of painting. There are also recurring characters in my pieces: lonely individuals who share the same structures, yet are separated from each other. I see an irony in this.

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