Søren Lynggaard

Photo – video – music
Born 1976 – lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark
Graduated 2011 Cand. ped. soc. University of Aarhus – DPU

Lynggaard works to convey a certain feeling or mood, with aesthetics as a basic condition. Thematically, the contrast nature/culture, gives an experience of something hidden and somewhat mysterious, often in line with Edward Hopper’s modern realism and not only shows a photographic representation of what we see, but conveys his own interpretation.
Several motifs also express, with a humorous undertone, a deeper message, where as a spectator you end up with more questions than answers.

With a lifelong passion for photography, Lynggaard has experimented with many expressions and techniques, both with the pure photography but also with the design of covers for several music releases.
In recent years he has also worked with videos and with his background as a professional musician, he has a basic understanding of the connection between sound and image, and has produced several music videos for Danish bands, as well as the background music for a number of programs for DR-Documentary.