Kristin Andreassen

Born 1959 in Lillehammer, Norway – lives in Sweden

Norwegian National College of Arts and Design, ceramics department 1980-84
Diploma with distinction, Norwegian National College of Arts and Design 1984
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1987
Gothenburg University, Pedagogy for university educations in Arts, Crafts, Design and Architecture

Kristin is a sculptor and ceramicist, she is
especially interested in materials and techniques, and continuously try out new techniques and see the surfaces possibilities
as her primary challenge – it can be
seductive, treacherous, cold, warm, or have almost any character. She describes her work in ceramics to be much about surfaces applied on form, and you will often find the
shape of the figurative sculptures is closed, and their faces are unfathomable. Beneath the artfully crafted surface, one senses painful experiences and difficult-to-resolve human inner conflicts – not without a melancholy trait.

Exhibitions all over the world / Works in public spaces in Norway and Sweden / Represented in museum- and public collections in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Finland, Croatia and England.