Henrik Martensen

Born 1956 in Odense, Denmark

Henrik Martensen (b. 1956) is a self-taught painter with an obvious visual talent. In his art , he stands on the shoulders of the Romantic painters who cultivated nature as the great , God created gift to humanity . His ability to depict natural phenomena is second to none . It emerged last of the group exhibition Panorama , which was shown at the Johannes Larsen Museum , Denmark , in the spring of 2016. As few other painters of his time, Henrik Martensen mastering the mimetic method , the ability to transplant nature’s manifestations , so they appear exactly as real phenomena on the surface. He usually work serially and in both large and small formats , and he has a special fondness for clouds , air and sea, so subjects are often shrouded in a spherical , blue color.

MA . Lisbeth Bonde
Chairman of AICA Denmark – Danish Association of Art Critics

Mana Contemporary, New York
Psykiatrisk Hospital , Aarhus.
Børnenes Jord , Aarhus.
Hospice Djursland , Roende.
The Royal Danish Shooting Company, Copenhagen.