Damilola Odusote

Lives and works in London

Since his graduation from Camberwell College of Arts in 2006, Damilola has shown his work at exhibitions all over London, and internationally. His art shows a slight hint of humor, but he also describes it as challenging, analytical and questioning. Over time, he has started to push boundaries, commenting on politics and race.
Damilola brings different elements and interest into his work to highlight not only questions in society but also things that people accept without thinking. He does this through using tiny, nameless and generic characters to personalize ideas.
Damilola uses irony for turning reality on its head to convey an idea. He aims to encourage thought about the ‘self’. He makes a statement, not only in the subject matter of his paintings, but also in his vigorous use of texture and particular brushstrokes to convey acute meaning and feeling to every image.