Anne Juul Christophersen

b. 1972 – lives and works in Bredebro, Denmark

Danish artist Anne Juul Christophersen lets a little girl act as her own, as well as the beholder ́s alter ego, in the wonderful scenarios she creates.
Anne is inspired by the way we always balance on the fine line between good and evil:

“Life is like walking a tightrope from our birth to our death. Sometimes we balance gracefully – while other times we crawl on our knees, trembling while desperately keeping a firm grip on the wire.

Sometimes we feel safe, trusting those who are holding the wire tight beneath us.
Sometimes we shouldn’t have trusted them, but we don´t realize it, before it´s too late – only because we believed them, when they sweetly whispered comforting “Don´t worry, we´ve got you” into our ears.”

Anne Juul Christophersen´s paintings are surrealistic fairytales that give you food for thought.

Since Anne had her first solo exhibition in Copenhagen in 2007, things have been moving very fast for her. She has achieved great acknowledgement for her technique and for her unique artistic universe, resulting in a very high demand for her works especially in Denmark and Sweden.