Lene Winther

b. 1966 in Juelsminde, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Educated at the School of Ceramic in Copenhagen – a dynamic and versatile artist, with her very own easily recognizable language. She models her works in either porcelain or stoneware, often with wood, metal, plastic or other everyday objects as a contrast to the traditional ceramic expression

Lene Winther’s sculptures are narratives that relate to the dilemma of modern compound human beings in a paradoxical world.

Through a wealth of symbols and contrasts as well as through double-sided titles such as “Playground Zero”, her works often invite or provoke for a further inspection. She scratch the surface, puncture the illusions and give us a different view. There are references to political, psychological, existential, social and environmental issues, but so double and humiliated that nothing in advance is given. In spite of the highly expressive form language, they are able to balance on the edge, where no answer is given. Instead, Winther’s art opens new doors to even more unanswered questions.